Approximate cut-off dates for submissions for issues 2017:1 and 2017:2


As with any journal, no exact dates can be given for latest possible submission dates for a given issue. In the cases of most article manuscripts submitted by end of April should have a definitive ruling by the time issue 2017:1 is closed at the end of May. For manuscripts submitted later but before mid May, a decision of acceptence for publication made in time for inclussion in the next issue is less likely, but still possible.

In the cases of non-peer-reviewed sections all submisssions received by 31 May will be taken into cosideration for issue 2017:1.

For issue 2017:2 to be published in mid December, dates are end of September for manuscripts subject to peer review, and 15 November for those not subjected to review.

We have implemented early-on-line access for all manuscripts accepted before an issue cut time. Please, take into account that a year-round flow of submissions helps spread the work load of the editorial team in time.