SIOX plugin in ImageJ: area measurement made easy

Keywords: image analysis, growth analysis, area measurement, leaf area, rosette area, ImageJ


Area measurement is frequently needed in research. ImageJ is a powerful free image processor for this purpose and resolves the measurement in a simple way. However, the advantage of the countless functions from ImageJ may be seen as confusing by beginners. One frequently asked question about area measurement is how to select the region of the image to be quantified because
a good area estimate depends on the accurate segmentation the object of interest from its background. In this short guide, two alternative methods for object segmentation are described: a) automated extraction with plugin SIOX (Simple Interactive Object Extraction) and b) manual threshold selection.

Author Biography

Fang Wang, University of Helsinki, Finland
PhD Student
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Wang, F. (2017). SIOX plugin in ImageJ: area measurement made easy. UV4Plants Bulletin, 2016(2), 37-44.