About the Journal

In brief

The UV4Plants Bulletin (ISSN 2343-323X) is an open access journal of the UV4Plants Association, publishing both peer-reviewed articles and editorial-board-reviewed opinions, commentaries, profiles and news. Articles deal with any aspects of research on plants (terrestrial or aquatic) and ultraviolet radiation, including applications to plant production and related fields, teaching at all levels, science popularization and scientist-artist collaborations. Any content  relevant or of interest to those doing such research is warmly welcome. The Bulletin does not aim at the publication of original research in UV photobiology, instead, it aims at providing a forum for the exchange of the views and experiences that allow researchers and teachers to acquire expertise about carrying out research, learning, teaching and communication with the society at large.

No publication charges (members) or minimal handling charges (non-members, possibly waived) are levied. No charges for color illustrations. No hard and fast page limits or page charges. Whole issues and individual articles are assigned DOIs on publication. The Bulletion is registered with Google Scholar and articles indexed within a week after publication. Early on-line publication is available for articles. All manuscript submissions are handled on-line through our own server running Open Journal Systems.

Sections: Articles and Tutorials on Research Methods (PR), Articles and Tutorials on Teaching (PR), Historical Accounts Articles (PR), Articles on Practical Applications in Industry (PR), Articles on Researcher-Artist collaborations (PR),  Research group and Members Profiles (EBR), Opinions and Commentaries (EBR), Travel and Conference Reports and Accounts, both from participants and organizers (EBR), Academic and Industry News (EBR), Book and Software Reviews (EBR), Call for Collaboration (EBR), Letters to the Editor (EBR), Letter from the president of UV4Plants, Editorial. PR = peer-reviewed, EBR = Editorial-board reviewed.

Aims and scope

In this age of fast on-line communication, we aim at making our association's UV4Plants Bulletin a publication channel for articles of long-lasting interest, while using our web site, members e-mail list, Twitter and Facebook for the delivery of most news and other short-lived information to members. 

The aim of the  UV4Plants Bulletin is not to compete with established journals in publishing papers reporting on original results from individual experiments in UV photobiology, but rather, it aims to complement "traditional" journals by focusing on the publication of articles with a broader scope. The Bulletin publishes a broad spectrum of material: Letters to the Editor, Opinions, commentaries and viewpoints, Tutorials and overviews on methods, Tutorials and overviews on teaching and/or popularization, Historical accounts, Accounts of collaborations in industry and the arts, Reviews of books, software and equipment, Research group's and reseracher's profiles, Reports on various activities of the Association and its members, Research News, Industry News, Calls for Collaboration. Subject-wise, articles can be related to any aspects of research on plants and ultraviolet radiation, including molecular biology, physiology, ecology, genetics and evolution, and practical applications of manipulations of ultraviolet radiation in the growing environment or breeding for altered ultraviolet sensitivity in agriculture, forestry and horticulture, as well as related research methods and tools. In summary, any content that would be of interest to members of our scientific community, excluding original research reports, is within scope. When in doubt about a possible submission, please, consult one of the Editors. 


The Bulletin accepts submissions both from UV4Plants members and non-members, and will also publish invited articles. All manuscript handling is done on-line in our Open Journals Systems server. Use of ORCIDs is required for researchers and encouraged for all others.


All issues are available on-line through open-access. No printed version is being published at this time. New issues and articles are announced via e-mail to UV4Plants members and via Twitter. All content is indexed in Google Scholar upon publication. The UV4Plants Bulletin (ISSN 2343-323X) as PDF versions plus supplementary material is archived. Individual issues and articles are assigned DOIs through which PDFs can be accessed.