Learning about the molecular basis of plant responses to UV-B: a laboratory class at the University of Glasgow

  • Gareth Islwyn Jenkins University of Glasgow http://orcid.org/0000-0002-1855-4875
  • Egle Beigaite
  • Dalia Gala
  • Gabriela Krawiec
  • Maria Kuniyoshi
  • Jakub Luptak
  • Konstantina Malengou
  • Magdalena Mladenova
  • Gary Parsons
  • Eleni Patili
  • Kevan Saunders
  • Christina Schofield
  • Marie Schott
  • Chun Sey
  • Aman Singh
Keywords: Teaching, ultraviolet radiation, photoreceptor, UVR8, laboratory class, undergraduate students


Plant responses to UV-B provide an excellent system for students to learn about the regulation of gene expression following stimulus perception. This article concerns a laboratory class for undergraduate students at the University of Glasgow that is based on molecular responses to UV-B in Arabidopsis thaliana. During the class students design and plan experiments, interpret and discuss their results with other students and present the findings. Hence they learn valuable research skills. Some examples of students’ work are presented and students’ perceptions of the class are summarized.

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Jenkins, Gareth Islwyn, Egle Beigaite, Dalia Gala, Gabriela Krawiec, Maria Kuniyoshi, Jakub Luptak, Konstantina Malengou, Magdalena Mladenova, Gary Parsons, Eleni Patili, Kevan Saunders, Christina Schofield, Marie Schott, Chun Sey, and Aman Singh. 2017. “Learning about the Molecular Basis of Plant Responses to UV-B: A Laboratory Class at the University of Glasgow”. UV4Plants Bulletin 2017 (1), 17-30. https://doi.org/10.19232/uv4pb.2017.1.11.
Teaching and popularization

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